Situated at 30 Km’s from the city of Lecce and 5 Km's from the city of Gallipoli, Lido Conchiglie, a lovely seaside community hosts the Dimora Relais Excelsa b&b a noble and antique villa which is only 15 meters from the sea, along the seashore between Gallipoli and S. Maria al Bagno. Immersed in a natural green oasis that guarantees the peacefulness required for a relaxing vacation while indulging in the most ancient gastronomic dishes and enjoying the traditional folklore of the Salento. The entire building has been restored, using traditional materials and techniques to completely preserve its original characteristics.

In the back of the building there is a wide rocky hill which acts as a background that wants to complete, all in a natural way, the suggestive expressions of an ancient villa, with the architects' knowledge and taking great care to be in harmony with its natural surrounding territory. Opposite the villa there is the Jonian sea, from the villas park the view takes you as far as the bay of Gallipoli, that in its evening splendor, creates fantastic movements of light in the clear waters of the sea.

Like many other villas by the sea, Relais Excelsa expresses itself with the typical architectual design of the "Liberty" style (square building design with a simple decor on its facade). The natural green shades of the park’s vegetation and evergreens guarantees you a suggestive and relaxing view of the sea.

The residence is situated at approximately 100 meters from the sea and is accessible either on foot or by car, travelling along a long road and then leaving your car at an inside parking facility.